Immerse yourself in the ancient culture of the indigenous peoples of the North visiting the brightest and most spectacular festival of Yamal!
Immerse yourself in the ancient culture of the indigenous peoples of the North visiting the brightest and most spectacular festival of Yamal!
February 22 - April 20
— 2019 —
The holiday "moves" around the settlements of Yamal. It lasts for 1-2 days in each place. Choose your dates and the city, and go on a journey with one of our reliable tour operators.
This distinctive festival of small indigenous people of the North is rooted in the mists of ancient times.Originally, it was timed to the vernal equinox, when the North woke up from a long polar night. It is based on the national holiday ritual culture of nomadic peoples. Acquaintance with ethnic customs and traditions, concerts, contests and competitions, craftsmen fair and excursions -this is what Day of reindeer breeder has prepared for you!
Фото: А. Сулоев
Enjoy national sports competitions and amazing shows
You are going to take part in traditional sports: reindeer sledding, wrestling, dog sled racing and throwing harness on a wooden pole. Theatrical performances of folk ensembles will completely immerse you in the ancient culture of the Far North.
Try the legendary dishes: delicacies from valuable fish species caught in the cleanest waters of Yamal, sliced frozen fish with cowberries, various venison stew dishes. All this in a real tent -the conditional dwelling of the Far North, which was built by nomads according to ancient traditions
Taste national cuisine while having dinner in a traditional tent
Become a holiday hero
Take a ride in a reindeer sleigh or in a snowmobile, take part in various contests and national sports competitions.

Your impressions, photos and prizes will stay with you forever.
The fair offers you unique souvenirs with a northern flavor: figurines made of ceramics, bronze and beads, national dolls created by local artisans. Also, buy unique "burkas" (felt boots of deerskin): as many centuries ago, each pair of these hand-sewn shoes is lavishly decorated with beads.
Take the holiday with you!
Фото: А. Сулоев
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What else awaits you in Yamal?
Whenever you come, the North will delight and surprise you
You will see the magical northern lights
Become a witness of mystical, breathtaking spectacle
Visit a real tent
For the native of the North, a tent is not only a house - it is a whole world built according to the ancient traditions, where each thing and its place have a sacred significance
Visit baby mammoth Luba
You will see a legendary find -the body of a woolly baby mammoth, which has been perfectly preserved to the present day
Conquer the top of Rayiz
The Rayiz translates as "the mountain frontier" and it is one of the most beautiful peaks of the Arctic. Itshighest point is 1316 meters.
Celebrate Crow's Day
The indigenous peoples of the North consider spring tobe the beginning of the year, the time when nature awakens from its winter sleep. A crow is a bird that first flies to the North. "Crows bring spring to us" - they say in the Far North and annually arrange a large-scale fascinating holiday.
Cross the ArcticCircle
The monument "The Arctic Circle" is one of the brightest attractions of Salekhard. It is placed directly on the 66th parallel, the geographical North Pole. You will be able to make a cherished wish and even go through unique rite of passage.
Visit the village-museum
Gornoknyazevskis a natural ethnographic complex. Learn more about the history, culture and life of the peoples of Yamal. In addition, you can ride a reindeer sleigh or a snowmobile, put on an ethnic outfit, stroke a deer and try national dishes.
Enjoy the total silence
You can go to the tundra, see its vast expanses, clear skies and breathe ideally pure air
Get acquaintedwith the culture of the shamans
Residents of Yamal still believe and honor people having a rare gift of foresight and healing physical and mental ailments: shamans. With the help of ancient rites, a shaman travels to other worlds and communicates with spirits.
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